Welcome to Bin Seddiq International

We and the members of Bin Seddiq Group welcome you to go through our web pages... this is the BinSeddiq International contact page of our European Office in Germany.

Contact: Franzz Brueck, European Manager Affaires, D-66822 Lebach, Heusweilerstrasse 4, email: franzz.brueck(at)binseddiq.eu, 0049 163 297 4468, Skype: franzz_brueck

BIN SEDDIQ INTERNATIONAL (BSI) BIN SEDDIQ INTERNATIONAL (BSI) is a distributor for various products and systems in Oil & Gas sector in the Middle East. It was from a local small enterprise that a business group was formed with international projection and relevant participation in several economic sectors. The aim to assure specialization and flexibility gave reason to the establishment of BIN SEDDIQ GROUP.